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so, your web site is designed and you're ready to start receiving visitors - the first thing you want to know is ... how do I get top search engine ranking, how do I get to the top of Google, Search Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos, Alltheweb, etc. what is top search engine ranking and search engine optimisation?

research shows that only 1% of the traffic to your web site will come to it through 'off-line' advertising and over 80% will come from search engine ranking.

people who use the internet for information, search for their information on the internet - quite logical but many people forget this simple fact.

by not having your web site indexed by the major search engines it's a little like paying a lot of money for 10,000 well designed brochures and putting them all in a cupboard.

for you to get traffic to your site you need to get top ranking in google, and the other deep search engines, very quickly.

this site can give you some really solid hints and tips on how to gain top ranking of your web site in the major search engines and, by following the suggestions you can 'do it yourself', so to speak. by clicking here you can access a series of free SEO tools to help you achieve top search engine ranking yourself

we also offer a selection of services to suit different budgets, from a simple report on possible improvements to a single page to a full search engine submission and optimisation service, all designed to move your site up the rankings and get you the traffic and business you need. click on service and costs to see more information.